What is Norforgo Identity Protector?

Norforgo Identity Protector is a powerful application for Windows to secure the confidentiality of your personal and financial information, such as email accounts, passwords, login credentials, credit card details, contact info, and more. Norforgo is the best security tool to assure that your confidential life is secured and not accessed by anyone (especially, hackers) even if you fail to remember where you have saved the private files and data on the system.

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Scan For Identity Traces

Once Norforgo Identity Protector is installed just click ‘Start Scan Now’ to identify hidden personal information on your computer. Results are displayed categorically, so you can move important traces in Secure Vault and delete the rest.

Set Your Scan Preferences

Scan preferences can be set per ‘area’ and ‘type’. The software scans your system thoroughly to find identity exposing traces such as passwords, login details, email addresses and social security numbers etc.

Secure Your Identity

Once scan is complete, you can choose to delete and/or exclude information that you don’t want to lose. You also can transfer confidential information to Secure Vault, so it cannot be accessed by anyone except you.